The secret to short-lived success

Film director Nikita Mikhalkov told the audience of his Academy of Cinematographic and Theater Arts, what determines the rise in popularity of national cinema and why a drop in interest is inevitable.

According to Nikita Mikhalkov, the secret of success with audience is the same for all local films, be it Latin American films, films from Korea, India or other countries. It is “powerful, bloody and very national.” But such popularity and such interest do not last long as a rule. Today’s hit of Korean cinema “The Squid Game” will draw the attention of viewers to other films of Korean filmmakers, but over time this interest will fade away, supplanted by another hit from another country and, accordingly, a surge in public interest in films from this country.

At a master class devoted to the analysis of acting and directing techniques based on the methods of work of Mikhail Chekhov, Peter Brook and Charles Dyullen, Nikita Mikhalkov noted that only truly national may become international.