The international film forum ”Days of Russian Cinema” was held in Belgrade

The international film forum Days of Russian Cinema took place in Serbia, which started in Belgrade and ended in Nis.

The cinema forum was organized by the production company Cinemarus with the participation of the Belgrade media center Ruski Ekspress and the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation and the National Foundation for Support of Rights Holders.

The aim of the forum is developing of new ties with the country’s creative and economic elite, strengthening cooperation in the film industry, as well as expanding cultural exchange and creating – with the help of cinema – a positive image of Russia as a strategic partner of Serbia.

Russian actors came to present films at the film forum: Anna Churina, Elena Zakharova (“We’ll Not Say Goodbye”), Roman Kurtsyn (“Im losing Weight”), Evgeny Stychkin (“Gogol. The Beginning” and other.

As part of the program, 8 contemporary Russian films were shown, including the comedy “I am losing weight” and the fantasy “Gogol. The Beginning”, the military-historical detective “We’ll not say goodbye”, the biopic “Dovlatov” and other films.

In addition to film screenings, Russian filmmakers met with the audience, held press conferences and professional discussions during the forum.

Maria Lemesheva, producer of the forum, adviser to the apparatus of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation, editor-in-chief of the magazine «The Hollywood Reporter. Russian Edition», member of the Council of RUR, noted that the historical and cultural ties between Serbia and Russia have a centuries-old tradition, and this connection must be maintained and strengthened.

«Even despite all the changes and difficulties between our countries in recent history, we are still very close to each other. We have a unique opportunity to speak with the Serbian audience in the language of culture, the language of cinema, the language of emotions and impressions. That is why we selected films very carefully to present the most vivid and emotionally understandable contemporary films to the Serbian audience. And, certainly, we expect that with our help, cooperation between the Russian and Serbian film industries will develop more dynamically,” said Maria Lemesheva.