RUR took part in the UNESCO World Forum

RUR participated in the Second UNESCO World Forum on Culture and Cultural Industries – The Book Tomorrow: The Future of the Written Word, which was held on June, 6-8 in Monza, Italy.

The first Deputy Director of RUR Andrey Krichevskiy took part in the workshop «Fair use, creative commons» and made a report on how it is important to evaluate all the risks that Creative Commons create for the right-holders. He told that it is extremely important to save the balance of interests of authors and users that was achieved in many countries including Russia.

FOCUS 2011 was attended by 200 participants from more than 40 countries: authors, publishers, scientists, media professionals, librarians, sociologists, bloggers, researchers, decision-makers and business representatives. The Forum also involved the world community. The highlights of the debate were reported live on the main social media networks.