RUR Board

5.9.1. Board is a standing elected collegial management body of RUR, elected by the Conference for the term of 5 years.

5.9.2. The Board:

  • manages RUR activities, executes decisions of the Conference and of the Council, administrates material and financial assets of RUR;
  • approves annual budget of RUR; presents drafts of annual reports on results of financial and operational activities of RUR to the Council;
  • approves model contracts between RUR and different types of rights holders and payers;
  • elects Head of the Board and General Director from the Board members for the term of 5 years; terminates their powers before expiry if they violate the Articles of Incorporation, don’t execute their obligations, resign or are unable to execute their obligations;
  • approves Head of the Board and General Director employment position instructions, sets maximum sums of business transactions, which can be performed by Head of the Board and/or General Director without the Board approval;
  • approves RUR staff schedule upon the recommendation of General Director;
  • decides on establishment of regional and representation offices and regional branches, approves regulations on regional and representation offices and regional branches;
  • appoints and relieves from office heads of regional and representative offices;
  • approves business transactions, if their sums exceed maximum amount, set by the Board for Head of the Board and/or General Director; executes other powers, which do not contradict the Articles of Incorporation and current legislation.

5.9.3. Meetings of the Board shall be legally qualified if more than 2/3 of the Board members take part in the meeting. Decisions shall be made by simple majority vote, if a quorum is present. If a quorum is present, the Board can set forms of votation.

5.9.4. If members of the Board expire their term on office, they remain in the office until a new Board is elected. The Conference shall be called within three months from the date of the Board members’ term in office expiration.