Russian Filmmakers’ Union

The All-Russian non-government organization based on individual membership created for protection of the general interests and achievements of the authorized purposes of united professional creative figures of cinematography working in audiovisual sphere.

UC of Russia carries out its activity in the territory of more than a half of Russian regions through the structural divisions — the organizations, branches and representations.

UC of Russia was created in order to protect the social, author’s, related and labor rights of intellectual property and professional interests of its members, also to assist in creation and improvement of conditions of their creative activity.

The basic guilds of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation:

 –  Guild of film-directors of Russia;
 –  Guild of scriptwriters (screenwriter) of cinema and TV;
 –  Guild of cameramen;
 –  Guild of actors of Russia;
 –  Guild of organizers of motion picture production and distribution of films;
 –  Guild of film experts and film critics of Russia;
 –  Guild of artists of cinema and TV;
 –  Guild of composers of cinema;
 –  Guild of film-mechanic;
 –  Guild of make-up artists.

Chairman of the Board of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation is Mr Nikita S. Mikhalkov.