Russian Filmmakers’ Union

Russian Filmmakers’ Union is non-governmental autonomic organization with individual membership. It was created to protect common goals and interests of professional filmmakers.

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Russian Organization for Intellectual Property (VOIS)

Russian Organization for Intellectual Property was created in April 2008. It was founded by famous Russian singers and largest record labels. The key aim of VOIS is to execute and protect neighboring rights. The Organization represents all performers and phonogram producers on the territory of Russia, and also Russian performers and phonogram producers abroad in accordance with international contracts

VOIS collects royalties from users, such as broadcasting companies, catering and transportation companies, entertainment venues, hotels, sports venues etc., and transfers these royalties to artists and phonogram producers.

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Federal Foundation for Social and Economic Support of National Filmmaking

In 1994 Russian Government was getting ready to celebrate a 100 year anniversary of the world cinematography. In the frame of that celebration, Russian Committee for Cinematography launched creation of the Federal Foundation for Social and Economic Support of National Filmmaking. On January 16, 1995, Russian Government signed a decree, which established the Foundation. Its key goals are:

 –  to help executing social and economic programs in the sphere of national cinematography;
 –  to provide financial aid to Russian filmmaking, film distribution and exhibition, and also to particular filmmakers;
 –  to stimulate Russian and foreign investors to finance filmmaking, film distribution and exhibition.