Nikita Mikhalkov evaluated the effectiveness of the counter piracy actions in Russia

The strategy for countering counterfeit trafficking adopted by the Russian government will pay considerable attention to intellectual property rights protection. Nikita Mikhalkov, director and Artistic Director of the Theater and Cinema Center, expressed his hopes regarding this, – reports TASS.

“Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has adopted a strategy to counter the illegal trafficking of the industrial products, and I hope the protection of intellectual property will take a big place there. Intellectual property is in great need of such protection,” the director said at a press conference dedicated to the launch of the federal telephone hotline of the International Anti-Counterfeiting Association (‘Anticontrafact’).

According to Nikita Mikhalkov, legislation should be ahead of the development of digital industry, and not catch up. And with the arrival of digital era, the impunity and the possibility of piracy have multiplied. At the same time, Mikhalkov sees the transition to a subscription model of content consumption as “one of the ways that can help to ensure that piracy is somehow gradually stopped.”