Networking infrastructure of trust – a prerequisite for the development of national intellectual property

Russia, Saint Petersburg. In the framework of the business program of the VI St. Petersburg international cultural forum, 18 November 2017 a panel discussion “Creation in Russia of world applicable best practices of blockchain technology for managing intellectual property rights: from patents and inventions to books, paintings, photographs, music and films” was held.

Leading Russian and foreign experts in the field of intellectual property gathered on the Forum for the second time. In 2016 they identified current challenges facing the sector and outlined possible ways of overcoming them. This year, the experts presented specific solutions implemented or planned for implementation, as well as integrated innovation tool that converts the system interaction in the sphere of intellectual property.

The partner of the panel was the National Intellectual Property Rights Transactions Coordination Center IPChain.

The development of the digital economy now clearly demonstrates that the current model of intellectual property management in the country and the world in the near future would change drastically.

“The creation of a decentralized IPChain network is a necessary and indispensable stage in the development of the national intellectual property sphere,” said Andrey Krichevsky, president of IPChain. “However, when speaking about practical steps, it is important to remember that, despite the seminal nature of today’s steps to reform the sphere, we must constantly be on the move. After all, the trend of the current day – blockchain – will be replaced by newer and newer technologies and solutions. Our task is to monitor the strategic vector of global development, to foresee and anticipate technological shifts. ”

In that context, panelists who contributed their solutions and viewpoints were: The Unified State System for Accounting for Research, Development and Technological Works of Civil Purpose (the state service is already one of the key components of the IPChain infrastructure), The National Register of Intellectual Property, which participates in a project initiated by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation to create a system for storing and comparing three-dimensional models, and FormMax, a business to business solution for delivering background music.

The participants also included a number of services that could potentially use the IPChain infrastructure such as IP EXCHANGE (IPEX), an online platform that ensures the regular functioning of the organized market of intellectual property, artists societies worldwide, and the world’s first music streaming blockchain service, Musicoin.

The Russian Federation’s IPChain ended the panel with signing agreements on strategic cooperation. IPChain and the largest company in the market of licensed electronic books in Russia, LitRes, signed an agreement on cooperation and interaction, and then IPChain and service – “IPB”, signed an agreement on establishing partnership relations and developing long-term mutually beneficial cooperation for the registration and monetization of intellectual property and increasing the transparency of intellectual property transactions for all market participants.

The National Intellectual Property Rights Transactions Coordination Center IPChain was established in September 2017. The founders of IPChain are: Foundation for the Development of the Center for the Development and Commercialization of New Technologies (Skolkovo Foundation), Russian Organization for intellectual Property (VOIS), Higher School of Economics, Russian Union of Rights Holders (RUR), St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies and Mechanics and Optics, Russian Authors’ Society (RAO), Partnership on the protection and management of rights in the sphere of arts (UPRAVIS), New Century Bank.