Lenfilm’s Golden Collection will help the studio survive

Lenfilm received an exclusive license for all of its films that have become classics of Soviet cinematography.

The agreement between the Petersburg Motion Picture Studio and the State Film Fund (Gosfilmofond) was signed on November 3 and will be valid until 2043. At the same time, the State Film Fund retained the exclusive rights to all the films of the Golden Collection, but now Lenfilm will be able to receive profits for 22 years from broadcast of its films on Russian and foreign television. The studio’s management hopes that this will help pay off creditors and support the projects of young filmmakers.

Lenfilm’s Golden Collection includes films that have become classics and were filmed here from the moment the Studio was founded in 1914 (then it was the Military Cinematographic Department of the Skobelev Committee) until 1992. These are: “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson”, “Old Man Hottabych”, “Striped Flight”, “Amphibian Man”, “Cinderella”, “Monologue”, “Hamlet”, “Heavenly Slow Mover”, “Lady with a Dog”, “Blue Bird”, “Wedding in Malinovka”, “Mister X” and many others.