IPQUORUM 2021 business program announced: Tech for Content

The boom in online education, fierce opposition from IT giants, multimillion views of dancing videos, and messengers as digital shelters are just a few of the persistent technological trends. All of these are more or less related to the production, distribution, and monetization of content. How to ensure growth of digital products? What technologies are the best for rapid development of the artistic business? Why has creativity become a new way of survival in the modern world? Participants of the Forum of Leaders of the Creative Economy IPQuorum 2021: Tech for Content will try to find answers to these and many other controversial questions.

The Forum’s business program covers all types of creative industries: from fashion, industrial design and gastronomy to arts, software development and mass media. In two days, participants will present their vision of how to evaluate, protect and monetize the creative component, and determine which business models are suitable for various creative industries to develop in the digital world.

The first day of IPQuorum 2021: Tech for Content will be dedicated to creativity technologies and will begin with the plenary session “Sources of Happiness, or the Economy of Emotions.” Participants will predict what new content formats will emerge in the near future and share real-life cases of confrontation for the attention of modern consumers spoiled by the abundance and variety of content. Experts will talk about digital twins, sewing robots, jewelry and food production using 3D technologies, as well as the economic and legal consequences of the transformation of theaters and museums.

The focus on promising technologies for content circulation in the new format of the Forum, is due to the unprecedented growth of the digital market during the pandemic. Creative industries in many countries of the world have become the locomotive of economic development, highlighted Andrey Krichevsky, Chairman of the Committee of Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) on Intellectual Property and Creative Industries, President of IPChain Association: “Business related to creativity is one of the key tools of government administration. These industries create a new environment for growth, provide jobs and can be the backbone of the country’s rapid GDP growth. Effective and meaningful functioning of this sector of the economy is a decisive factor in self-preservation for the state.”

The means of overcoming the lack of trust of the banks and investors to IP assets will be discussed by the participants at the plenary session entitled “Financing secured by IP. Investments, loans, crowdfunding, and crowdlending”.

The key topic of the second day of the Forum will be technologies for sustainable markets. Session entitled “The time to create. How to stimulate the markets of creative industries” will answer questions about the development of creative business: will streams be able to completely entice the television audience, how recommendation algorithms will affect the development of the market, and whether they will be able to turn online services into a factory for the production of TV series and movie hits. Other topics of discussion include performances for WhatsApp and Zoom, Deepfake technology, hyper-personalized content based on artificial intelligence technologies and Big Data.

New ways of promoting and monetizing intellectual capital will be considered at the session “Digital Concerts: the new reality for public concerts.” The attention of the participants will be particularly drawn to the gamification of artists’ performances, methods of attracting and retaining large audiences.

IPQuorum 2021 partners believe that participation in the Forum will provide an opportunity to understand why creative industries are not just the activities of individual designers, architects or musicians, but a consolidated community that can become a partner to the government with a certain approach, said Marina Abramova, Director of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Roskultcenter”: “To form a reliable talent pool in the creative sector of economy, it is not enough to provide only targeted support to the professional community. A complex of measures is important, implying the creation of conditions for the development of a creative business segment not only at the federal level, but also in the regions of our country. It is also necessary to view creative ideas and products as economic assets that can become the basis for an effective business plan. I am sure that we will find the people who think the same way at IPQuorum.”

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Skolkovo Foundation, and IPChain Association will be the hosts of the Forum.

The co-organizers and partners of the Forum will be the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), the Federation of Intellectual Property (FIP), the Confederation of Rightholders’ Societies of Europe and Asia (CRSEA), and “Digital IP” – the Scientific and Educational Center for Intellectual Property and the Digital Economy. The communications partner of the Forum is Prophet, an integrated communication solutions agency. The official partner of the Forum is the Gazprom-Media holding. The event will be supported by “Roskultcenter”, the Association of Computer and Information Technology Enterprises (APKiT), the Russian Animated Film Association (AAK), the “Novy Vek” Bank, the Soyuzmultfilm animation film studio, Russian Seasons, n’RIS, IPEX, IPCodex, Fonmix, Co-Fi, “Smysloteka”, MEDIANA.

The main information sponsors of IPQuorum 2021: Tech for Content – TASS and the “Kommersant” publishing house. The media partners – Forbes, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the Union of Journalists of Russia, the InterMedia news agency, ArtMoskovia, the Kultura newspaper, the Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO), KinoReporter – the main magazine about cinema and television, the Regions of Russia media holding, magazines “Strategy”, “Invest-Foresight” and “Tochka ART”, portals “Science and Life”, “Culture”, ICT-Online, Expomap, Devdiscourse, ComNews, MovieStart, Telesputnik.