In 2019, Russian films raised more than $50 million in foreign box office

The box office of Russian films abroad over the past five years has grown 3.5 times, in 2019 they amounted to more than $50 million, according to an informational and analytical study of ‘Russian Film Industry – 2019’ Cinema Foundation.

Experts indicate that over the past five years, the number of countries importing Russian audiovisual content has increased 5-fold – from 23 to 120 countries, taking into account all distribution channels. The box office of Russian films in foreign distribution has grown 3.5 times.

“In 2019, 94 Russian films were distributed abroad. The number of viewers of Russian films abroad amounted to 11.9 million people, box office exceeded $50 million ($52.4 million),” as stated in the review.

As specified in the study, these are the best results that Russian cinema managed to achieve at the foreign box office in the current conditions of promoting national content.

China has led the top five countries in terms of the volume of Russian films collections; Mexico, South Korea, Turkey and Germany were also been included in the rating.

The first place in the rating of the largest domestic films in foreign box office took the sports drama “Move Up” directed by Anton Megerdichev, the box office of the film amounted to $14.3 million. The second place took the animated film “The Snow Queen: The Mirror-World” ($7.8 million), and the third place – “The Big Journey” cartoon ($3.9 million).

According to the review, the total box office grossing of the Russian film distribution amounted to 55.5 billion rubles, and 219.4 million tickets were sold in the country’s cinemas.