For manufacturers

If you are a manufacturer of recordable media, used for private copying, Russian legislation obliges you to pay blank tape levy, which will be distributed to authors, performers, phonogram and AVW producers.

This obligation to pay blank tape levy is prescribed by the following legal acts:

  • Clause 1, Article 1245 of the Russian Civil Code;
  • Decree of the Russian Government «On remuneration for free reproduction of phonograms and audiovisual works for private use » of October 14, 2010, # 829.

Exporters of recordable media and producers of professional equipment, which is not to be used privately, do not pay blank tape levy.

RUR is a collective management organization, accredited by the Government for collection of private copying levy on behalf of authors, performers, phonogram and AVW producers.

In order to sign an Agreement with RUR, you need to contact our office: tel.: +7 (495) 720-16-96; e-mail:



* Document Package for the Agreement:

  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities;
  • Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Tax Registration Certificate;
  • Abstract of the Company’s minutes on its CEO appointment – if the Agreement is signed by the CEO;
  • Power of Attorney – if the Agreement is signed by an agent.

You do not need to provide original documents – only their confirmed copies, sealed and signed by the CEO or agent under power of attorney. An agent has to present the original Power of Attorney. If documents contain more than one page, they have to be bound, signed and sealed.

What is to be done by manufacturers?

Within 10 days after the end of a calendar quarter, manufacturers have to perform the following actions:




** List of enclosed documents:

  • copies of recordable media sales contracts, including product specifications and delivery notes;
  • copies of Compliance Certificates or Compliance Declarations for the sold recordable media;
  • copies of Customs Declarations, which prove export of recordable media;
  • copies of product reports;
  • agent’s Power of Attorney;
  • documents (such as work manuals, operation instructions, technical documentation etc.) which prove that listed recordable media is professional and cannot be used for private copying.

All copies have to be certifies (sealed and signed by the company’s representative). Agent’s Power of Attorney has to be presented as original document.