Federal Customs Service and RUR started information collaboration

Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation (FCS of Russia) and RUR concluded agreement on information collaboration on December 27, 2010. This agreement aims cooperation in controlling of the expediency, completeness and reliability of the data provided by importers to RUR. Importers pay out the remuneration for private copying according to the Government decree “About remuneration for free reproduction phonograms and audiovisual products in private purposes” № 829 d/d October 14, 2010.
In accordance with this agreement, FCS will provide RUR with data concerning importers and list of equipment and material carriers used for private copying according to the list confirmed by the certain Government decree.

“FCS will inform RUR about correspondence of data concerning imported equipment and material carries used for private copying being provided by importers to RUR to the data contained in the central data base of TCS of the Russian Federation”, – is said in the document.
FCS of Russia will also inform in written or e-form the importers, deviating from remuneration paying out, or customs applicants, presenting their interests, about the necessity to observe the demands of article 1245 of Civil Code of the Russian Federation d/d 14.10.2010 № 829.

RUR in its turn will provide FCS with information concerning importers of equipment and material carriers used for private copying, deviating from paying out remuneration for private copying.