RUR Council

5.8.1. In the period between RUR Conference meetings, RUR Council acts as a managing body of the Organization. The Council is elected by the Conference. The Council shall have no more than 22 members, who can be elected from RUR members. The Council holds its meetings as and when necessary, at least once a year. The Council meetings shall be convoked by the Board, or by at least 2/3 of the Council members.

5.8.2. The Council:

  • executes decisions of the Conference;
  • admits to membership and suspends from membership of RUR, sets the amount of affiliation fee for RUR members;
  • approves annual reports on results of financial and operational activities of RUR;
  • approves financial plan of RUR and introduces amendments to it;
  • decides on RUR participation in other non-profit organizations;
  • approves regulations on special funds of RUR. The Council creates special Supervisory Council, which controls expenditures of these special funds;
  • decides on personal composition of the Supervisory Council, and approves regulation on the Supervisory Council;
  • approved royalty distribution and payout rules and schedule;
  • approves (not more often than once a year) amount of administrative decoctions, which compensate the cost of royalty collection, distribution and payout. Maximum amount of administrative deductions cannot be more than 25% of royalties collected;
  • establishes advisory committees on the main spheres of RUR activities; approves regulations on these advisory committees. Advisory Committees shall consist of experts in the s phere of intellectual property rights;
  • approves RUR insignia;
  • elects a President from its members for the term of the Council powers; if the President violates the Articles of Incorporation, doesn’t participate in RUR activities, resigns or is unable to execute it powers, the Council shall terminate his powers before expiry;
  • executes other powers, which do not contradict the Articles of Incorporation and current legislation.

5.8.3. As the managing body, RUR Council has the powers, granted to it by the Articles of Incorporation and current Legislation.

5.8.4. Meetings of the Council shall be legally qualified if more than 2/3 of the Council members take part in the meeting. Decisions shall be made by simple majority vote, if a quorum is present. The Council decision to call a RUR Conference shall be made by a 2/3 majority, if a quorum is present.

5.8.5. The Council sets forms of votation.

5.8.6. The President of the Council:

  • manages the RUR Council;
  • reports to the Conference and to the Council on the state of RUR activities;
  • signs employment agreements with the Chairman of the Board and General Director of RUR;
  • represents RUR in relations with state (including judicial) bodies, national and international non-governmental organizations, acts without power of attorney;
  • executes other powers, which do not contradict the Articles of Incorporation and current legislation.