Yuri Bashmet announced his readiness to support classical musicians

Conductor, viola player, vice-president of the Council of Russian Union of Rightholders Yuri Bashmet and Russian Concert Agency said that due to the difficult current situation in the industry, they will support musicians whose work is related to classical music.

In a joint statement by the maestro and the agency, it is said that it is especially difficult for soloists and composers who are not permanently employed in any organizations.

“Today, we all who are somehow connected with classical music … are going through a difficult period … Now the most difficult situation is for the musicians – soloists and composers who are not full-time employees of any organizations, the main, and sometimes the only income of whom were the payments for performing at concerts”, as it is said in the announcement.

The concept of the initiative is that any professional musician, a soloist who lives and works in Russia, and meets several criteria, can apply with information about himself (herself) through the website of Russian Concert Agency. The expert jury will select ten musicians who will be invited to take part in concerts and festivals held by Yuri Bashmet during 2020/21 concert seasons with payment for travel, accommodation, and their fees.

The jury will also identify five composers who will receive orders for musical works, with their further performance at concerts organized by Bashmet. In addition, 50 solo musicians will be selected who will receive a one-time cash payment.