Bulgaria hosts The Nights of Russian Cinema (Soirées du Cinéma Russe)

On August 12-16, Burgas hosts The Nights of Russian Cinema (Soirées du Cinéma Russe). In an open-air cinema, citizens and visitors of the city were able to see films that were released in the last few years, became leaders at the box office, and represented Russia at international festivals.

The following films were screened at the festival: “Sobibor” (drama/history), “Invasion” (documentary), “Kitchen” (comedy), “The Last Battle”, “Labyrinths of Love” (drama) and “Come on” (drama).

It is worth noting that Bulgarian public is interested not only in contemporary Russian films, but also in the classics of Soviet cinematography. In spring this year Varna hosted the Russian Film Festival and it was very successful. Films from the Gold Collection of Mosfilm Motion Picture Studio were screened: “Love and Pigeons”, “Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears “, “Beware of the Car”, and others.