An international intellectual property dispute service will appear in Russia

Within a few months, the Russian Association IPChain will launch an intellectual property dispute resolution platform in the Russian Federation based on the leading international online service RDO (Resolve Disputes Online). This was told to reporters by Andrey Krichevsky, IPChain president, on Thursday after signing the corresponding agreement with RDO.

The agreement was signed during the Russian-Singaporean conference “The Role of Applied Digital Tools for the Development of Intellectual Property Sphere as an Active Player in the Digital Economy (Singapore-Russia Experience, Ways of Mutually Beneficial Cooperation)” held in Singapore. The partners from the Russian side were the Skolkovo Foundation and the National Coordinating Centre for Processing Transactions with Intellectual Property Rights and Items (IPChain Association).

“RDO, in fact, is the first seriously implemented online mediation tool. This is a real project that can be scaled to different countries – which, in fact, is now being implemended. I think we will launch this communication platform for mediation within six months. It’s a “box” product, but it needs to be adapted – translations and so on,” said Krichevsky.

He added that now in Russia there is no such service, including due to mistrust of rights holders, who always suspect a mediator of bias or incompetence, which leads to not always situationally substantiated court appeals.

Krichevsky emphasized that IPChain already has a “Conflict” transaction in the digital infrastructure, which occurs automatically when two potential rights holders give conflicting information to IPChain.

“Parties are notified of this, but what to do next? We are thinking how to solve this problem. Now we intend to launch the “DIS’PUT” service using RDO. The disputing parties will have an opportunity for online communication and quick resolution of the dispute,” explained the president of the Association.