Alexey Uchitel plans to make a film about Pushkin

Alexei Uchitel, a Russian director, member of the Council of Russian Union of Rightholders, and Julian Henry Lowenfeld, a poet and translator from the USA, want to make a film about Alexander Pushkin.

Henry Lowenfeld told about this to the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova, who supported Lowenfeld’s large-scale project called “Pushkin to the World”. The meeting took place on Wednesday, June 10.

Lowenfeld, known for his translations of Pushkin’s works, said that they plan to shoot a film about the poet with the Russian director Alexei Uchitel.

Olga Lyubimova noted that the project is extremely interesting, and also emphasized that Alexey Uchitel has invaluable experience in creating films in Russia.

The minister also invited the translator to take part in the future work of the Russian film market. In her opinion, they can hold it offline in the spring of 2021.