Why do importers and manufacturers have to pay?

Why does RUR collect blank tape levy?

Why do I need an Agreement with RUR?

Where can I get the Agreement and Import Report forms?

Which documents should I provide for signing the Agreement with RUR?

Can I forward an Import Report without signing a formal Agreement with RUR?

What is the deadline for forwarding the Import Report?

How can I forward my Import Report? When is the Report considered as “forwarded”?

Which documents do I have to attach to the Import Report?

Which documents prove that I forwarded the Import Report on time?

How do I calculate blank tape levy which I have to pay?

We import professional recordable media only. Do we need to submit the Import Report?

We import recordable media, which is not professional, but due to its technical characteristics it cannot be used for private copying. Do we have to file an Import Report to RUR?

If we import professional and non-professional recordable media in one batch, how can we reflect it in the Import Report? What if some of the recordable media cannot be used for private copying?

Which documents and criteria indicate that recordable media is professional?

Which documents and criteria indicate that recordable media cannоt be used for private copying?

How do you verify the Import Report?

Which additional documents may RUR need to verify the Import Report and may ask to present?

Which documents remain with the importer, confirming blank tape levy payment?

Can third parties pay blank tape levy for me?

What sanctions can be imposed for failure to pay private copying levy?

How shall blank tape levy be booked in accounting? Which expenditure type is that?

Letter of the Ministry of Finance of November 28, 2007, #03-03-06/1/829